Psilocybin mushrooms mostly known us magic mushrooms belong to a group of drugs which are obtained from certain types of fresh hallucinogenic meaning they cause hallucinations. They contain psilocybin which ok itself turns into psilocin after ingestion. Are they safe? Most people tend to believe that taking magic mushrooms is safer than other hallucinogenics but their effects are uncertain and can poison anyone engaging on them. 

This article talks more about the mental benefits of the magic mushrooms. 

              Mental Benefits 

According to the researchers, it’s crystal clear that magic mushrooms may have some health benefits, especially on mental related conditions by a single dose of the main ingredient which is psilocybin. As pointed out earlier, a single dose of psilocybin improves psychiatric distress in patients and not only does it forward cancer-related conditions but also other conditions like addiction as the therapy improves abstinence from smoking for over a year and treats other disorders like alcohol addiction.  

When one takes psilocybin, the drug set off the brain, and changes occurs in behavior and mood. The brain plays a huge role in operating such as memory and thought and for this, it needs help for its efficiency in order to survive that’s where psilocybin comes in as it acts as a stimulant, and when put together, the brain is able to advance new apprehension of actuality. 

The research shows that psilocybin drug alters how people behave leading to chances of openness increasing which in turn lead to less depression, anxiety, and addiction in the future and thus brings out impressive results. The solidity has been found to be safe for human consumption with its many potential benefits.

The drug is an illegal substance in some countries as it is termed as an abused drug but soon, it will be classified as a medicine in order to transform lives for a better tomorrow. Psilocybin mushrooms have been researched over the past years and it’s evident that it can treat anxiety and depression which are disorders related to mental health taken in the right amounts with the help of a trusted therapist. Medicinal Mushrooms can be found at:

In conclusion, we can say the psilocybin drug does not always lead to positive effects as each and every drug has its own positive and negative side effects when used in an uncontrolled way or misused but if they are taken in a controlled way and responsibly then the treatment is immediate and the minimum dose required is a single dose and that’s why health practitioners are highly recommended for the effective use of the drug.

Psilocybin is the safest drug for mental health problems and has given hope to many lives.  


Cannabis is a plant with different uses such as:  recreational and medicinal plant. This plant has got many effects to the brain. Cannabis or Marijuana is used in different ways which include: eating it raw, smoking, applying it as a tropical treatment as well as brewing it as a tea. To the brain, Cannabis has these effects: there is risk of psychosis, change in brain reward system and crumbled neuron among others. 

Cannabis or Marijuana was initially cultivated in East Asia for, fibre, recreational, ritual purpose and many other. It is largely the most used psychoactive drugs global wise. Cannabis affects the mind in the following ways. 

Higher risk of psychosis. Psychosis is a medical term that involve losing touch with the real world. These touches are hallucinations or paranoia. When marijuana is highly consumed, users are likely to be diagnosed with a psychotic mental health condition. A good example of such condition is schizophrenia. Therefore, cannabis consumption can increase the risk of psychotic disorders. 

Individuals who use cannabis may have a drop in IQ. This most affects teens who once in their lifetime could have used marijuana. When consumed at tender ages, studies have shown that it may have side effect or negative effect to an individual. The reason behind the drop in IQ to the teens when they are older is that; teens are more vulnerable to marijuana’s effect on brain. 

There is a great change in brain size. Using Marijuana for many years for a long period of time may reduce the volume of grain matter in a brain region known as orbitofrontal cortex. Chronic users of marijuana have a wide range of connectivity. This is generally a measure of how well information moves between different pars of the brain. Those ingredients present in cannabis, affects cannabinoid receptors. These receptors are the one involved in appetite, mood and memory, which are so many in the orbitofrontal cortex.  

Cannabis affects the brain reward system. This means how chronic users of pot respond to different rewards. For those who have used it for long, tend to exhibit greater activity in the reward system of the brain when they view images of objects they used when consuming cannabis than picture of other natural objects like fruit photos.  It affects reward circuitry of the brain making t important to heavy users. 

The high consumption of cannabis may lead to increased level of neural noise. After people receive the tetrahydrocannabinol, they always show wide range of neural noise. The symptoms of psychosis that people may experience after using pot, may be related so much to neural noise.  

When used, weed affects brain neurons. The most affected neurons are the one responsible for appetite. This is one of the main reasons why chronic users of pot often get hungry. With this effect it is always difficult to understand marijuana users when it comes to feeding them. When these neurons are highly affected, they normally take excessive meals. 

Cannabis affect the brain greatly. It has negative effect on the brain and to an individual. It affects the most important parts of the brain thus leading to malfunction of the brain. 

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How Weed Affects the Brain

The usage of cannabis predates many a civilization. Historical authorities concur that the first known usage of the drug was back in 500BC, in the ancient Chinese. While the usage was mostly out of religious and therapeutic reasons, the plant has evolved throughout history and recently emerges as one of the leading sources of controversy across parliaments and congresses in this young century. Tussles regarding whether or not the drug should be made possible for the consumption by the public have a number of plausible pros and cons. Many against the legalization of the drug argue vehemently based on a number scientific studies which confirm that indeed, marijuana indirectly catalyzes, and even causes a number of significant mental problems. Here are some of the ways in which marijuana affects the brain: 

  1. Causes Short-Term Memory Loss 

It is a well-known fact that marijuana use causes momentary amnesia which limits or even entirely hinders the absorption of information and recall of events. When smoked, the main ingredient marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), fuses with the red-blood cells which then travel throughout the body, and to the brain. This psychoactive compound interferes with memory storage areas of the hippocampus and amygdala, thereby rendering the consumer’s memory ineffective. 

  1. Enhances Decreased Motivation in Individuals 

The psychoactive THC also wreaks havoc in the striatum neurons in the forebrain. The striatum is a cluster of neurons responsible for among other things, coordinating motivation. When the interference is made by the usage of marijuana, individuals grow incompetent, dysfunctional and are often without substantive objectives through which they can exercise motivation to attain. This is a tenable explanation for the high truancy rates for students who are frequent users of pot, given they are demotivated to pursue studies.  

  1. Alters Conscience 

While this varies depending on factors such as amount taken, levels of THC in the consumed amounts and the consumer’s history, marijuana is known for its notoriety in heightening sensory perception in individuals. Users of marijuana are affected by one or all of the following: 

  • Distorted sense of time where the intuitive reception of time is diminished. 
  • Hinderance of motor skills. Gross motor skills such as walking, standing, agility, balance and coordination are balked given the forebrain is most affected by marijuana use. It is plausible given structures in the forebrain are responsible for motor skills. 
  • Marijuana lowers judgement and inhibitions debilitating user’s judgement. 
  1. Activate the Psyche 

While the proponents of legalization argue that marijuana use is useful in lowering anxiety and mitigating some personality disorders and pain, studies have consistently maintained that marijuana use heighten anxiety, fear and panic. In fact, users are statistically more likely to develop clinical depression than non-users. 

While there are many adverse effects caused by marijuana, it is plausible to assert that some medicinal value can be derived from its use. 

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Cannabis Beverages

People usually socialize while sipping a drink of choice. When the drink contains little buzz in it, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed. Cannabis beverages are a new phenomenon and an exciting one at that. Although edibles are popular, drinkables are penetrating the market too.

In countries where weed is legalised, major drink manufacturers are searching for a way into the market. Drinks promise to quench thirst, energise, calm, and help unwind while promising a bonus effect. 

Modes of consuming weed have always been either putting it in food or smoking it. Weed was not successfully infused in drinks due to its high-fat content. Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol are weed compounds that make it not to mix well with water-based drinks. They mix well with alcohol, but this combination is illegal. 

Many manufacturers have been in search of other ways to incorporate weed into drinks in a rapidly growing market. Consumers are ready for drinks that don’t ruin the experience of tasting weed for the first time.  

A novel technology has allowed making teas, beers, tonics, wines, and aperitifs containing THC. It is called nano- emulsification. Nano-emulsification is the breaking down of cannabis oil to microscopic particles then mixed with an emulsifier. Parts of the emulsifier like water, while others like oil. This technology has created more consistent and palatable drinks. The ideal dose and infusion to effectively solubilize in drinks with different flavours infused.  

 Nano-emulsions are made for each specific drink, due to the difference in their chemical make-up. This helps not to impact the flavour or colour. 

An intake of microdoses of 2mg to 10 mg per serving of THC, is to be encouraged for prolonged consumption over the course of an evening. It is claimed that after an average of 15 minutes after consumption, one can feel the effect then it dissipates. The onset of feeling the effect of the drug in the drink differs immensely. This allows short feel-good sessions in a social setting.  

There is no scientific research on cannabis beverage absorption rate and onset time to convincingly say the exact effect of nano-emulsification. Most companies are still treading softly on nano-emulsions. No one can say for sure the effect it has on the liver in particular. As the organ that helps purify the body system, the liver is very sensitive. 

Many are trading alcohol for weed and drink manufacturers are hopeful that the industry will boom. 

Thanks to nano-emulsion technology, more and more people will be able to enjoy their favourite drinks of choice hang-over free. Many will be able to achieve a state of high with non-alcoholic drinks. Since tolerance varies, drinkers will be able to control their high with THC infused drinks. 

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 In written history, the usage of cannabis dates back to at least the third millennium BC.  However, restrictions began in the 19th century for various reasons. Cannabis was therefore used in the past primarily for recreational purposes. It was also used medicinally and for spiritual goals as well.  


     The 13th- 17th Century  

 Around 1320 CE, smoking pipes were uncovered in Ethiopia, having traces of cannabis. Arab traders then migrated cannabis to the Mozambique coast of Africa. After the introduction of tobacco, smoking became common in the old world during the 15th century.  

It later became popularly used by the South African- Khoisan and Bantu people, before Europeans settling at the Cape in 1652. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops found a liking to cannabis after the absence of alcohol in Egypt; it being an Islamic country. Despite cannabis usage, Soudon Sheikouni, the Emir of the Joneima in Arabia, was the world’s first to outlaw its usage across his Jurisdiction.  

Adrianampoinimerina, Madagascar’s king, also implemented capital punishment as a penalty for anyone using cannabis in 1787, throughout the Merina Kingdom.   

The 18th – 20th century 

In the early 1800s, Cannabis was then introduced to Brazil by African slaves and the Portuguese colonists. They intended to cultivate hemp fiber. However, due to African slaves’ knowledge of cannabis, they used it psychoactively hence making it prohibited in 1830 by the Municipal Council of Rio de Janeiro, and punishment to users. 

Jacques- Joseph Moreau, a French physician, wrote on the physiological effects of using cannabis during his travel in North Africa and the Middle East in 1836-1840. Moreover, in 1842, William Brooke O’Shaughenessy, an Irish physician, brought a quantity of cannabis with him on his return to Britain while working as a medical officer in Bengal.  

Also, due to the result of the British practice of transporting Indian indentured workers, there was a long spread of cannabis practices that led to a ban in Mauritius in 1840. The long-range also led to banning in British Singapore due to Indian laborer’s users in 1870. Criminalizing cannabis in British India began in 1871 and 1877.  

By 1879, several countries in the Islamic world and its periphery finally banned cannabis. In 1894, The Indian Hemp Drug Commission concluded that” the injury from habitual moderate use of cannabis is not permanent. However, its reasonable use practically produces no ill effects”. Restrictions on the sale of cannabis began in 1906 in the United States. Moreover, with the support of the white ruling class and the Council of Evangelical Churches of Jamaica, cannabis was banned with the Ganja law. Followed by the banning as well in 1913, in South Africa, 1922, in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, Canada as well criminalized cannabis before any reports of the use of the drug.  

In the early 1920s to the late 20th century, many countries restricted cannabis in their countries. Despite the restrictions, some countries embraced cannabis usage. i.e., Poland classified it as a narcotic drug in 1951. Cannabis attracted renewed interests mainly as medicine during the 1970s and 1980s. Other countries as well began to change their approaches to cannabis.   

The Netherlands was the first country to legalize cannabis WeedSmart online Uruguay then followed in 2015, to legalize recreational cannabis, Canada following in 2018 and South Africa in 2018 for personal use after the bill passed by the House of Commons.  


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Kenya Gazette 15 October 1913 

Disadvantages of Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms

Meta Description: Micro dosing Magic Mushrooms is increasingly becoming popular, especially among the upwardly mobile. This article highlights the disadvantages that come from using this stimulant.

Overview of Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms

?Magic Mushrooms? or ?Shrooms? are mushrooms that contain long, slender stems that may appear white or greyish topped by caps with dark gills on the underside. The active ingredient in “magic mushrooms” is known as psilocybin. Its effects are comparable to those of other hallucinogens, such as LSD. Micro dosing on ?Magic Mushroom? refers to taking approximately one-tenth the usual or ?trip? dose of a psychedelic drug.

Micro dosing of ?Magic Mushrooms? has adverse downsides which have been observed and documented as follows:-

Increased neuroticism

After continued considerable use of “Magic Mushroom,” a small increase in neuroticism has been observed. Neuroticism is an inclination toward depression, self-doubt, and anxiety. All of which have negative ramifications on the well being of an individual. It has been discovered that emotions become amplified. So, if the user feels depressed, it will make it worse for them, and could probably end up with some long-term implications.

Instant gratification

The increasing lifestyle use of “smart drugs” such as “Magic Mushrooms” by healthy people is stating as not being the best route to improved brain health. It is because some people would prefer taking a drug, as it is quick-acting, as opposed to other means of enhancing cognition, such as exercising. Therefore, such drugs breed laziness and desire for instant gratification.

Illegal substance

Psilocybin is illegal almost everywhere. For instance, it became classified as an unlawful, class A drug in Britain in 1971, and likewise in the US, it had also been criminalized a year earlier. Therefore, research into their clinical use ground to a halt and has been nearly impossible to study scientifically. Their illegality makes it difficult for a person to use them, lest they get arrested and jailed for possessing the drug.

Loss of focus and productivity on tasks

?Magic Mushroom? leads some users? to be overcome by emotions and can lead to non-completion of tasks on time. It is because of the onslaught of feelings ?begs? to bet acknowledged before the user can proceed to drive to inaction and loss of productivity.



Psychological effects

The psychological responses include visual and hearing hallucinations and an incapability to distinguish fantasy from reality. Panic reactions and psychosis also may occur.

Physical effects

Physical effects of ?Magic Mushroom? may include:-

  • Vomiting muscle weakness, nausea, and a lack of coordination;
  • Increased blood pressure, breathing rate, or body temperature;
  • loss of appetite;
  • dry mouth;
  • sleep problems;
  • feelings of relaxation or detachment from self and environment;
  • uncoordinated movements;
  • lowered inhibition;
  • extreme sweating;
  • Paranoia – intense and irrational distrust of others.

Increased Tolerance

Tolerance has been reported, which means a person needs a growing dosage to obtain the same hallucinogenic effect.


Abuse of ?Magic Mushrooms? could also lead to toxicity or death if a poisonous mushroom is wrongly thought to be a “magic” mushroom and ingested.


The stated downsides to the use of Micro Dosing Magic Mushrooms need to be seriously considered by a person using this “smart drug,” to be safe and avoid following popular culture, to their detriment and loss of well-being.

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Cannabis refers to a group of three plants, namely Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis, whose flowers are harvested and dried and then used to form one of the most common drugs in the world. These drugs act upon the central nervous system altering brain function. They result in a temporary change in perception, mood, consciousness, and behavior.

According to the research on cannabis use in Peru done in 2003, adults as young as twelve years were using cannabis. Similarly, in 2014, a study was conducted in Chile, which showed that 31.5% of Chileans aged 12 – 64 had used cannabis. However, only 10.3% of the population in Peru has consumed cannabis. Chile has the highest per-capita use of marijuana in Latin America, even though all production and public consumption of cannabis is illegal. Chile imports a large amount of cannabis from its neighbors, particularly Paraguay and Peru.

For most countries, the consumption of cannabis begins at fifteen years, which is indicated by the research carried out in Belgium in 2004, with 10.4% of the population aged 15 – 64 years using cannabis. In Romania, the research carried out in 2008 showed that 7.4% of the population aged 15-64 years consumed marijuana. The research carried out in 2007 in Ghana showed that 21.5% of the population between 15 and 64 years consumed cannabis. Similarly, in Italy and Greece, the study was carried out in 2005 for Italy and 2004 for Greece. The research highlighted that 29.3% of the population in Italy and 8.9% of the people in Greece used cannabis.

For countries like China, Nigeria, Germany, Lebanon, and South Africa, research shows that consumption of cannabis begins at eighteen years. The research carried out in China in 2002-2003 shows that only 0.3% of the population uses cannabis, which is the lowest use of marijuana in the world. In Germany, the research carried out in 2003 shows that 24.5% of the population aged 18 – 59 years uses cannabis. The research carried out in South Africa from 2003 – 2004 shows that 8.4% of the population over eighteen years uses cannabis. In Nigeria, about 2.7% of the population over eighteen years in 21 out of its 36 states uses marijuana.

Japan and Israel have the highest ages of introduction to the use of cannabis. In Japan, the research carried out in four of its metropolitan areas in 2002 -2003 indicates that only 1.5% of the population over 20 years uses cannabis. For Israel, research carried out in 2002 – 2004 shows 11.5% of the population over 21 years uses marijuana.

We can explain the differences in adult use of cannabis in different countries by the gap in the collective knowledge about cannabis and the regulations around the use of cannabis in different countries. Where people believe that there are serious risks associated with the use of marijuana, the numbers are low.

Health benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)


Cannabidiol is one of the plenteously extracted chemical compounds from marijuana and has been tested to naturally offer relief to health, causing ailments such as cancer, depression, and many more. It has been welcomed by most users as science has mostly credited it as a natural form of treating such health defects. Commonly referred to as CBD, the treatment is very popular among cancer patients in the process of relieving pain and stresses caused by the disease. You can always get CBD at your local pharmaceutical as it is a very common component of medical marijuana which is especially properly legal in most of the of the key advantages and the reason it is popular is that there is no report of any negative publicity related effect with the use of CBD making it welcomed among many patients suffering from chronic diseases to depressed patients. Let us take a bird’s eye view on some of the health uses and benefits of CBD among the following health issues as we cannot exhaust the discussion.

Cancer and related ailments treatment 

Cancer has definitely been one of the worst nightmares of this world today, and any process of trying to reduce of mange it is most welcomed, especially if it is natural. Although CBD does not cure cancer, I can be prescribed to help reduce or prevent some ailments and effects of cancer on the body. CBD has been tested on cancer patients, and research has shown many times that it has reduced cancer indications such as nausea, queasiness, or even throbbing. CBD has been tested on cancer patients, and those who used CBD relieved some pain compared to those who did not use CBD. As CBD has been tested to help reduce the cancer coursing symptoms, future research is indebted even to see if CBD can be used to prevent or even treat cancer, whether as a supplement with other compounds or as the main drug.

Depression and anxiety problem reduction 

Research shows that CBD can be used as an anxiety and depression therapy. With the world moving so fast today, so is more expected of individuals who have not been a natural way of human existence; this has led to a lot of depression among many people as they try to deal with life. CBD is definitely welcomed as part of this therapy; most marijuana consumers have been linked with trying to find a way to deal with their mental health problems and what a better way and natural way to deal with it than CBD. As most antidepressant drugs can lead to addiction, CBD has been the most viable and most popular option. CBD has also been used to treat posttraumatic stress and also insomnia, which are all causes of depression and anxiety pay tricks on people’s minds.


We cannot exhaust these benefits as they are many, and as research continues, who knows what might be the next ailment CBD will help treat as so far CBD has been effective and a better option because of its natural form.

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Different types of top indica strains for 2020

Generally, weed use has been on the rise lately. Therefore, weed users must conduct research to determine the type and top indica strains for 2020 available. There are very many strains available in the market; thus, users need to be careful as they have different advantages and disadvantages. A user should come up with a simple list of the top indica strains for 2020 to determine the strongest and potent for personal enjoyment and pharmaceutical needs. High indica strains for 2020 are weighed from multiple factors like appearance, CBD & THC content, effects, lineage, potency, and aroma, among others. Generally, after clearly viewing these aspects, a user can be rest assured to be used as the ideal indica strain in the market. This article discusses various top indica strains for 2020 that are available in the market that is ideal for use.

The New

The new strain is one of the top indica strains for 2020 that has a high yield and hard-hitting stuff Tale of Two Strains online This product constitutes of a sweet, fuel like buds whereby they have a significant relaxing effect to the user. The plant can be grown either indoors or outdoors, where the system grows for 12 feet high, producing more than 3kgs. Flowering time runs from 65 days to 70 days. 

Rare Hindu 

This is a new top indica strains for 2020 that is bred between an OG and Hindu Kush. It dominates the market since it has sweet, resinous buds reminiscent and earthy characteristics. Its plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors or even in a greenhouse. It takes 60 days to 70 days for flowering to take place. 

Wedding Flowers

This is among the most current top indica strains for 2020 released lately. The strain from this product is fast growing in the market. Wedding Flowers has a deep flavor of indica that has a great effect on its weight during harvesting. If the plant is grown indoors, it will grow to about 3 to 6 feet high. On the other hand, if it is grown outdoor, they can exceed 10 feet high. It has THC content, thus making it top indica strains for 2020. It takes about 56 days for flowering. 

Mamacita`s Cookies

This is also a common and top indica strains for 2020 with 65 percent potency that is ideal for strain. Some of the greatest characteristics of this product are that they have a high yield and high THC content, pharmaceutical properties, and complex scent, among others. Regarding where the plant is grown both indoors and outdoors if it does very well where it takes about nine weeks to flower. These are some different types of weeds that offer top indica strains for 2020. 

All That You Need To Know About Legal Marijuana In California


In light of this, there is creation an intensive manual for purchasing cannabis in California, counseling state law just as two specialists. there is a lawyer and the author of Law Group, which spends significant time in the legitimate cannabis industry. Additionally, is a restorative weed advocate, and furthermore as a specialist.

Buy and devour

Question is who can lawfully devour cannabis in California and the appropriate response is same individuals who can drink liquor: grown-ups 21 or over. Actually, it’s similarly as simple as heading off to an alcohol store and acquiring brew.

Discover what types of installment your picked takes and get money if essential.

Cannabis is as yet illicit at the government level, which may show a few difficulties with regards to installment (lol banks!). For now, numerous online dispensaries work with money as it were. Yet, some have discovered provisos and workarounds that enable them to assume praise or platinum cards.

That is the reason it’s so critical to recognize what your picked dispensary takes early. You would prefer not to pile on some value of buys just to find that you can’t utilize your Visa. There is a calling dispensary early or investigating their site to check what installment techniques they permit.

You’ll need to locate an authorized dispensary affirmed for recreational deal. Dispensaries affirmed distinctly for therapeutic MaryJane won’t almost certainly serve you except if you are a patient with a legitimate specialist’s suggestion or card. Likewise, state law expects dispensaries to close by 10pm, so don’t hope to walk in at 1am for a sleep time joint.

You can discover state-authorized dispensaries by means of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control here. In any case, a friendlier alternative might be Weedmaps or Leafily, where you’ll have the option to peruse audits from different clients and scrutinize shop menus. The two locales enable you to channel your query items to just show grown-up use dispensaries.

On the other hand, in case you’re an Angeleno nearby, a considerably friendlier choice is look at our very own manual for the best dispensaries in LA. Selling cannabis without a permit is, obviously, unlawful, however grown-ups can blessing each other cannabis; in this way, if your companion has weed and might want to give you a few, that is OK.

the people behind the dispensary counter are regularly alluded to as budtenders, and they’re really intriguing individuals. How educated said budtender really is may fluctuate, however they’ll normally have the option to give you some strong pointers; on the off chance that you’ve utilized and appreciated weed previously, enlighten your budtender regarding your past encounters and what sorts of things you enjoyed. They ought to have the option to suggest a comparable strain or two. Pre-moved joints are pleasant, on the grounds that all you need is a lighter to share. Basic vaporizers are great, as well. There are single-utilize pens and battery-powered ones for which you’d purchase various cartridges to screw on top.

Note: Individual urban communities are permitted to settle on their own choices about cannabis, which means some might not have any grown-up use dispensaries.

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