Cannabis Beverages

People usually socialize while sipping a drink of choice. When the drink contains little buzz in it, the atmosphere becomes more relaxed. Cannabis beverages are a new phenomenon and an exciting one at that. Although edibles are popular, drinkables are penetrating the market too.

In countries where weed is legalised, major drink manufacturers are searching for a way into the market. Drinks promise to quench thirst, energise, calm, and help unwind while promising a bonus effect. 

Modes of consuming weed have always been either putting it in food or smoking it. Weed was not successfully infused in drinks due to its high-fat content. Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol are weed compounds that make it not to mix well with water-based drinks. They mix well with alcohol, but this combination is illegal. 

Many manufacturers have been in search of other ways to incorporate weed into drinks in a rapidly growing market. Consumers are ready for drinks that don’t ruin the experience of tasting weed for the first time.  

A novel technology has allowed making teas, beers, tonics, wines, and aperitifs containing THC. It is called nano- emulsification. Nano-emulsification is the breaking down of cannabis oil to microscopic particles then mixed with an emulsifier. Parts of the emulsifier like water, while others like oil. This technology has created more consistent and palatable drinks. The ideal dose and infusion to effectively solubilize in drinks with different flavours infused.  

 Nano-emulsions are made for each specific drink, due to the difference in their chemical make-up. This helps not to impact the flavour or colour. 

An intake of microdoses of 2mg to 10 mg per serving of THC, is to be encouraged for prolonged consumption over the course of an evening. It is claimed that after an average of 15 minutes after consumption, one can feel the effect then it dissipates. The onset of feeling the effect of the drug in the drink differs immensely. This allows short feel-good sessions in a social setting.  

There is no scientific research on cannabis beverage absorption rate and onset time to convincingly say the exact effect of nano-emulsification. Most companies are still treading softly on nano-emulsions. No one can say for sure the effect it has on the liver in particular. As the organ that helps purify the body system, the liver is very sensitive. 

Many are trading alcohol for weed and drink manufacturers are hopeful that the industry will boom. 

Thanks to nano-emulsion technology, more and more people will be able to enjoy their favourite drinks of choice hang-over free. Many will be able to achieve a state of high with non-alcoholic drinks. Since tolerance varies, drinkers will be able to control their high with THC infused drinks. 

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