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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Race & Event Results

I am embedding the results in the tabs below (one for NC and one for SC) directly from the USA Cycling website. Will see how it goes and if any issues crop up.

With the move of official assignments to the USA Cycling website, we have removed those listings on the information below.

If you do not upload the results to  USA Cycling, then they will not be included into the national ranking system. To upload to the USA Cycling website please use the following format: USAC race result example. We have decided to link to the results on USA Cycling rather than use inconsistent files that are submitted. This will be an encouragement to promoters to get results into the national system.

NOTE TO RIDERS: This is only a repository of race results. Do not contact us if you believe the results need correction as you should contact the promoter or event director who is responsible to submit and correct results to USA Cycling. Remember that results are final after the 15 minute protest period at the race event.

  • 2014 NC
  • 2014 SC
  • 2013 NC
  • 2013 SC
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  • 2007

This website and all materials and content has not been reviewed, approved, or endorsed by USA Cycling, Inc.
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