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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Official USAC rule changes to be aware of

Important Rule Changes for 2014

There have been some changes to the USA Cycling rules for 2014 of which riders and racers should be aware.

The full US Cycling rule book can be found here

1. General Regulations 
​1A3. License Types
(c) One-day Beginner licenses may be purchased online through the USA Cycling registration system or onsite at any USA Cycling sanctioned event and are valid for a single day of racing. One-day beginner licenses may only be purchased by the lowest category of racer for that discipline; i.e., category 5 men for road, track, and cyclo-cross, category 4 women for road, track and cyclo-cross, and category 2 or 3 for MTB.  One-day licenses may not be used for Championship events. No rider may purchase a one-day beginner license if he or she ever held an annual license with a category higher than any of the aforementioned. 

1C1. Age-based Classes
(a) Youth riders are riders with a racing age of less than 9.
(b) Juniors are riders with a racing age between 9 and 18.

1D2. Professional Categories. In addition to the numerical categories above, Road, Track, and MTB also have the category of Professional. 
(a) Road and Track: A professional rider on the road or track is one who is a current member of a UCI road or track team, respectively. 
(b) Mountain Bike: A professional rider in MTB is one who is a current member of a UCI MTB team or who has earned that category via other USA Cycling procedures. 

1G2. Assignment. 
(a) The duties of the assigned officials (Chief Referee, Chief Judge, Starter, Race Secretary, etc.) shall be performed by licensed officials. One person may perform more than one duty. 

1G7. Chief Judge. 
(e) When the Race Director has hired a professional timing company, the Chief Judge works in conjunction with them and verifies their results.

1H. Races
1H5. Maximum Field. Entries shall be accepted in order of receipt by the Race Director up to the field limit and subsequent entries shall be returned. The maximum field limit in any youth race shall be 50. The maximum field for a road event that includes category 5 men or cat 4 women, either alone or with other categories, shall be 75. For other road, Criterium and for cyclo-cross events, if no field limit is given in the official race announcement, a field limit of 100 shall be used. For criterium and cyclo-cross events with multiple fields on the course, the field limit is applied to the total number of riders on the course unless stated otherwise in the race flyer.

1H9. Mixing of Classes, Categories, and Genders
(k) Riders on UCI Professional Continental Teams or UCI Pro teams may enter only UCI races. 
(l) Riders on UCI Continental teams and UCI Women’s teams may only enter domestic events that specifically include professionals on the permit and the race flyer (i.e. Pro/1/2), otherwise they are ineligible. 
(m) Professional riders are not eligible for State Championships unless a separate category has been established for them.

1J. Rider’s Uniform
(e) Club Jerseys. In competition, no rider shall wear the emblem, inscription, or uniform of any club or team which the rider is not eligible to represent. This is not a change just put in as a reminder. 

1K2. Violations of Rules
(d) Fines issued to licensees or teams must be paid to USA Cycling directly. Licensees who fail to submit their fine within 15 days of their notification shall be suspended per USA Cycling Policy III. 

1N. Conduct 
1N4. Rules and Course. It is the rider’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules of the event and the race course before the start of the race. Riders may not take any other route or short cut. The fact that tape or barriers may have moved or fallen shall not stay the responsibility of the rider to stay on the designated route. 

5. Mountain Bike Racing
5D7. 24-Hour Racing
(o) In the case of catastrophic failure due to weather or another extenuating circumstance that prevents the ongoing scoring of the event or creates a racing environment that is deemed too dangerous for the participants, the race may be called as of a certain time. Final results will be calculated in one of two ways as determined by the Chief Referee in consult with the Race Director: 
 1) The race will be considered over at the point it was called and the results will be taken from the last completed lap. 
 2) The riders will be allowed to finish their current lap after the point the race is called and those results will be taken as final. In the case that the race is stopped and restarted, the combined results of both parts of the race will be used. 

6. Collegiate Racing 
6G. Conference Events 
6G7. Collegiate Mountain Bike/Cyclo-cross Team Relay 
(b) The championship format of the team relay, as it is held at the national championships, has the following additional characteristics: 
(i) Team may not enter more than two men or two women in the race. 
(ii) Half of the laps for each team must be completed by women. 
(iii) Riders must exchange each lap and may not race two consecutive laps. 
(iv) Teams pick exchange boxes in order of call-up. 
(v) A rider may exit their exchange box once their teammate has entered the exchange zone, marked by a line 20-50 meters before the finish line. 
(vi)The rider finishing their lap must cross the finish line before the rider entering the course. 
(c) The race flyer must specify which format of team relay will be used.

7. Championships
7B5. Amateur/Elite National Championships are open only to riders with a racing age of 17 or higher who are USA citizens as shown on their licenses.

Age changes almost accross the board for minimum age to 9. Please see complete rule book as the formatting does not translate well on this page and is quite long.

7I6. BMX National Championship
(e) Riders must have completed at least one weekend of racing at a USA BMX event to be eligible for the event. 

7I7. Road National Championship 
(a) Road Championship Eligibility. For all road events, riders shall meet the following eligibility standards, in addition to those standards already put forth: 
(i) Must be a collegiate category A for the road discipline for the criterium and road race. 
(ii) For mass-start events, riders must have competed as a category A in at least 3 mass start road events in the current conference season.* 
(iii) To compete in a time trial, riders must have raced at least two A races in the season in any road race discipline in the current conference season.* 
*If the conference season is shortened or cannot otherwise reasonably accommodate such requirements for riders, the conference director may lower these requirements with the approval of USA Cycling. 

7I9. Mountain Bike National Championships 
(a) Mountain Bike Championship Eligibility. For all mountain bike events, riders shall meet the following eligibility standards, in addition to those standards already put forth:  
(i) Must be a collegiate category A for all mountain disciplines the rider is participating in. 
(ii) For endurance events, riders must have competed as a category A in at least 3 endurance mass start events during the current conference  season. Team Relay events shall not count as a mass-start event for qualification purposes.* 
(iii) For gravity events, riders must have competed as a category A in at least 3 gravity events during the current conference season. To compete in downhill, at least 2 of those events need to be downhill.* 
*If the conference season is shortened or cannot otherwise reasonably accommodate such requirements for riders, the conference director may lower these requirements with the approval of USA Cycling.

7I10. Cyclo-cross National Championships
(c) Each team may enter up to eight riders of each gender in the collegiate race at the cycling cyclo-cross national championships except the team relay which is limited to two riders of each gender.
(e) Team relay shall count toward the team omnium, and shall follow the rules outlined for Collegiate MTB Team Relay Championship Format. 

7J. State Championships
(c) UCI continental team and UCI women’s team riders are not eligible unless there is a separate class for them.

8. Discipline
8F – Cyclo-cross Penalties
8F7 Not going over an obstacle with both the rider and bicycle. --- Relegation in placings, stop and go, or DSQ depending on severity.

8G – Mountain Bike Penalties 
8G2 – Endurance Events
8G2(d) Early exchange during a team relay event  --- Time penalty established by the Race Commission before the start of the event. 

Chapter 10 – Gran Fondo Regulations
10G. Classifications and Prizes
10G3. No awards based on relative performance at the finish line are allowed. However, awards may be given based on timed segments at one or more points during the event, such as timed hill climbs. No cash awards may be given, but raffles and participation awards, such as t shirts, ribbons, and certificates are allowed.


For a more in-depth look at the rule changes, please reference the complete rulebook here:


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