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Friday, October 21, 2016

Information for and about Officials in the CCA

CR and Official Assignments

I have finished loading the CCA race calendar into the website for all races through the end of September. I will load in the Fall cyclocross calendar within the next few days. Please take a moment to login and select the races that you want to work. We need to begin making assignments as soon as possible for the early season races. I do not have the full schedule for the Velodrome yet, so be aware that Track events will need to be added once they establish a calendar of events. As a reminder, please be aware that we have scheduled a Track specific seminar on Feb 4 in Rock Hill to get everyone up to speed on working real Track events. I will add that seminar to the calendar so that when you are making your race requests, you can simply check the seminar if you are planning to attend.
Please note that assignments for NRC/NCC or National Championship events have been assigned by the NTC and RTC, with input from the LA. While I have a list of those assignments, the assigned officials have until this weekend to confirm with Shawn Farrell their acceptance of the national level assignment. Therefore, it would be premature for me to load those assignments at this time. Hopefully, I should be able to load those next week. These assignments include: Presbyterian, US PRO Championships, Gravity Nationals, and parts of Speed Week.
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.. Please make sure to read Shawn’s Technical Update for January which came out today.


Other Information and References for general information regarding motor refereeing. 
American Track Racing Association
Asheville Mellowdrome
Atlantic Collegiate Cycling Conference
East Point Velodrome Association
Southeastern Collegiate Cycling Conference
Tennessee Bicycle Racing Association
USA Cycling
Virginia Cycling Association

Current Rulebooks
Race Official's Administrative Handbook
Motoref Manual
Officials Manual Part 1 (General Officiating Principles)
Officials Manual Part 2 (Officiating Road Events)
Officials Manual Part 3 (Officiating Track Events)
Mellowdrome Rider Manual

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