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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Member club onformation

Sponsored Club Issues

Sponsored Club Issues

In order to promote the sport of cycling and foster the growth and development of riders and clubs in the Carolinas, the Carolinas Cycling Association is going to start monitoring more closely certain rules regarding clubs, sponsors, and rider clothing.

By 05 May 07, clubs should be in compliance with a number of rules regarding these topics. The rules are listed below, but the implications are as follows:

  1. In order to be a sponsored club, a club must have been permitted for an event in 2008 or 2009.
  2. Those clubs that do not abide by #1 are not allowed to have sponsors on their clothing.
  3. Riders who are not members of clubs (unattached riders) are not eligible to have sponsors on their clothing.
  4. Up to 2 clubs can be on the permit for a D or E race, 3 for a C, 4 for a B, and 5 for an A.

What if your club is not sponsored? Several things may happen. You could be asked to turn your jersey inside-out, you could be asked to wear a t-shirt or change to a blank jersey, etc. It will be to the discretion of the Chief Referee and promoter.

What about the uniforms that have already been printed and distributed? The club must show evidence that they are permitting an event for 2009. By either permitting their own event, joining with another club to promote an event, or get in with another club to be on their permit. Note that the original permitted club does not have to allow this and may ask for certain terms before complying, e.g., asking for volunteers or money. Please check the CCA calendar. Otherwise you may be asked to change clothing as per above.

If you have any further questions, please contact the CCA President.

USCF Rules

1A17. In order to be considered a racing member of a club, a rider must be a member in good standing of that club and it must be listed on the rider's Federation license. An unattached rider is one who is not a racing member of a club.

1D3. Event Permits
(a) The event permit application for a Federation race must be accompanied by the following: event permit fee as specified in the Schedule of Fees; a copy or draft of the official race announcement, as specified in Racing Rule 1E1; completed event checklist; a draft copy of the prize list; any other items requested on the application form. The official race announcement may not be distributed until it has been approved by the Administrator. For other events, a description of the activity must be provided. A single permit may cover either a series of similar races held at the same location at regular intervals or a series of races held on successive days.
    (1) The maximum number of sponsoring clubs of a race is as follows:
    Cat A No more than 5
    Cat B No more than 4
    Cat C No more than 3
    Cat D & E No more than 2

1L2. Rider uniform advertising.
Advertising may appear only on the uniform, including caps, shoes, and helmet of riders who are racing members of sponsored clubs [disqualification for other advertising]. The club's name must appear on the front and back or two sides of the jersey. The name may be abbreviated.

1L4. Club Jerseys. In competition, no rider shall wear the emblem, inscription, or uniform of any club or team which the rider is not eligible to represent [Offending rider may not be permitted to start if noted before the race; otherwise, warning for first offense].


6.2 Club Name. Clubs and teams are prohibited from using names, inscriptions, or publicity that may tend to confuse the distinction between them and National Teams of the Federation. Terms such as "National" and "USA" generally lead to such confusion. Only sponsored clubs may be named after a commercial organization.

6.4 Sponsorship. Any affiliated club in good standing which has promoted a race open to members of other clubs in the current or previous calendar year shall be eligible for sponsorship.

6.5 Sponsored teams consisting of riders who are members of different clubs may be organized by an affiliated club to compete either in a single event or in events throughout the calendar year. The club of which each rider is a member must provide written approval before its members may participate and may, in exchange for the permission, receive a fee from the team sponsor to support development of club riders. All members of the sponsored team must compete in identical uniforms either of the organizing club or of a new sponsorship design.

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